Mick Jagger’s Net Worth is So Much “Satisfaction”

The typical American adult’s total assets exceed their debt load, with the median net worth of the average US household standing at a little over $99,000 in 2019. Individuals with high net worth, who constitute a small part of the population, own most of the country’s wealth. Financial education and literacy can play a crucial role in helping you achieve your financial goals and move closer to financial independence.

Mick Jagger, an internationally renowned English singer and songwriter, overcame great odds to achieve the success he enjoys today. This 76-year old was born into a typical middle-class family and worked his way to the top through the years as a musician and band member. By 2019, The Rolling Stones, a band in which Jagger is a member, had recorded 30 studio albums, 28 live albums and sold over 240 million albums worldwide since it was formed. Today, Mick Jagger’s net worth is estimated to be $360 million, a figure that is not only so much satisfaction but also makes him one of the richest celebrities in the world.

Mick Jagger's Net Worth: How He Earned His Money

In regards to Mick Jagger’s net worth, many may know him for his music and financial success. The lead singer of The Rolling Stones has become one of the most influential artists in the history of rock and roll. Jagger is not only a musician but also a songwriter, actor, and film producer. As a founding member of the band, he has carved a niche for himself in the music industry through his passion for music and charismatic stage presence. His career has spanned over five decades, a period during which he has inspired generations of rock and roll enthusiasts. There is no doubt that Mick Jagger is a rock legend and one of the richest celebrities today.

Early Life and Musical Influences

Michael Philip Jagger was born in 1943 in Dartford, England. His father, Basil Fanshawe Jagger, was a teacher while his mother, Eva Ensley Mary, was a homemaker. The eldest of the two sons born to the couple, Jagger was a good student and was well-liked by his classmates. He developed an interest in American blues and RnB music at an early age and by age 14 had acquired his first guitar. Young Jagger also started singing and later became a member of the church choir. In 1950, he became friends with Keith Richards, who was his classmate at Wentworth Primary School. However, the duo lost contact when they went to different schools. During his teenage years, Jagger would collect blues records from different singers.

In 1960, Jagger gained admission to the London School of Economics to study business. That same year, Jagger and Keith Richards resumed their friendship, and they soon discovered that they shared a common passion for R&B music. Jagger, who wanted to become a politician or journalist, went on to complete his education. Richards, on the other hand, went on to form his own group, bringing on board guitarist Brian Jones. Jones made guest appearances with the group for some time, before Jagger made an appearance as a guest vocalist. This marked the beginning of the journey to building Mick Jagger’s net worth.


In the period that followed, Jagger, Taylor, and Richards joined up with Jones. In 1962, the band The Rolling Stones was formed, with Jagger as the lead vocalist, Brian Jones as the guitarist, Charlie Watts as the drummer, Keith Richards on the guitar and Bill Wyman on bass. Jagger, through his sex appeal and stage antics, played a critical role in the growing success of the group and attracting audiences.

Initially, the group worked on recording cover versions of other people’s songs. However, the band members would soon form a powerful songwriting team, going on to release their first self-titled record. Soon enough other songs topped the UK charts. Between 1966 and 1969, the band embarked on touring the world, performing some of their great hits. In 1971, they released Sticky Fingers, one of their best and most successful albums.

In the 1970s, Mick Jagger experimented with various genres of music such as disco and punk. And in 1985, he decided to go solo and launched his debut solo album. Unfortunately, this album was not successful. Jagger released his second solo album in 1987, one that was critically acclaimed but did not record much commercial success. In 1990, his third solo album was released, an album that became a commercial success and was featured on several popular charts.

The Rolling Stones continued to go on tours and collaborate with other bands such as U2. The band’s ‘A Bigger Band Tour’ earned them a spot in the Guinness Book of World Records.

Other Ventures

Mick Jagger’s net worth continued to grow over this period. In 2007, Jagger produced a comedy called The Knights of Prosperity. Four years later, he formed a new supergroup known as ‘SuperHeavy’ with four other band members and also appeared in the movie Some Girls: Live in Texas ’78. Jagger performed for President Barack Obama at the White House in 2012. In 2013, the band The Rolling Stones played at the Glastonbury Festival.

Jagger co-created and produced Vinyl, a period drama series in 2016. The series aired on HBO for one season before it was canceled. In September 2018, it was revealed that the rock legend was to portray an English art dealer-collector in The Burnt Orange Heresy.

Statistics reveal that the average net worth increases as a person gets older. The same applied to Mick Jagger, whose wealth continues to increase as his age advances. And he enjoys success in his music career.

Image source: altervista.org

Image source: altervista.org

Major Works, Awards, and Achievements

There are a number of Jagger’s works that stood out from the rest. Wandering Spirit, his third solo album (1993), was a critical and commercial hit. The album went on to become number 12 in the UK and number 11 in the US. Wandering Spirit was also certified gold by the RIAA. One of Mick Jagger’s singles, Don’t Tear Me Up, charted the Billboard Album Rock Track for a week despite finding moderate success.

In addition to joining the league of high net worth individuals, Jagger has had a successful career in the entertainment industry. In 1989, he was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and in 2002 was knighted for his services to music. Mick Jagger, in 2004, won the Golden Globe Award for his song Old Habits Die Hard under the category Best Original Song. With so many prestigious awards and achievements to his name, it is no surprise that Mick Jagger’s net worth stands at $360 million.

Assets, House, Cars, and Lifestyle

Mick Jagger is one of the richest celebrities in the entertainment industry. The multi-millionaire musician leads a lavish and luxurious lifestyle, spending huge amounts of money on homes, cars and other assets. The English singer, who currently lives in New York, allegedly has bought his partner a townhouse in New York in 2016 for $7 million. In December 2016, Jagger put a Japanese-inspired villa at private West Indies island of Mustique for rent, a property he had bought in 2006 for $2.66 million. Some of the other properties he owns include a mansion in the Chelsea area of London that he bought for $13.28 in 2006, an apartment in France, property in Colonial Beach, Bahamas and a Georgian mansion in South West London, bought in 1993 for $3.32 million.

Mick Jagger’s net worth includes a collection of luxury cars such as an Aston Martin DB6, Bentley Continental Flying Spur, 1980 Rolls Royce, 1971 Citroen SM and a 1984 Morgan Plus 8.

Charity Work and Causes

Just like most of the other rich celebrities, Jagger gives back to society by supporting various charities and causes. Part of Mick Jagger’s net worth and wealth goes towards supporting charities. He supports American Foundation for AIDS Research, Elton John AIDS Foundation, Prince’s Trust, UNHCR, and Small Steps Project. The musician is passionate about HIV and AIDS, cancer, disadvantaged children, education, environment, and human rights, among other causes.


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Business Lessons You Can Learn From Mick Jagger

Statistics on the net worth by age show that younger consumers do not have much in savings. The good news is that the story of Mick Jagger’s net worth provides invaluable lessons that the youth can use to improve their financial situation. Here are some lessons to learn from Jagger about finances and life in general.

  • In addition to having a great idea or product, you should adopt business and promotional skills

  • Learn from your mistakes

  • Do not give up

  • Strive to stay relevant

  • Understand the importance of collaboration

Final Thoughts

Mick Jagger’s net worth puts him in the list of the richest celebs. However, his story is a demonstration of what ordinary people can achieve when they put their minds to something. Consumers who admire the lifestyles of the rich can take the necessary steps to create a good fortune for themselves and build their net worth.

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