Billionaire or Bust: What is Kanye West’s Net-worth?

As one of the most prolific pop musicians of the past decade, Kanye West has seen a lot of money come through his hands. As with many tragic pop stars, however, having “all of the lights” does not mean that he can keep them on all of the time! Mr. West has seen his fair share of financial turmoil, some of which he has put on public display.

The lessons of the life of Mr. West are certainly pertinent to most people, even if you do only see a fraction of the money that he has collected as income. Let’s take a look at Kanye West’s net worth and the most important parts of the rocky financial journey that he has endured.

How Much Money is Kayne West Worth?

Experts put Kanye’s peak net worth in the neighborhood of $250 million according to Celebrity Net Worth. Over the life time of his career his net worth has certainly reached more than a lot, but if you more than double his self made fortune then you now calculating the other half  family fortune correctly.

Kim Kardashian West, his wife, has shocked the world as to the vastness of internet fame with a net worth of $350 million, bringing the couple’s net worth together at $600 million total. However, Kanye has complained of financial troubles on Twitter and even stated that he has gone into debt. I mean, please really people.

At one point, Kanye stated that he was in the red after investing around $50 million into a failed fashion deal. He also hinted that his wife Kim Kardashian had saved him from financial ruin by transferring a substantial amount of her prodigious wealth into his bank account. Can you believe it? Kanye West had a bad credit score!


Insanely Simple Money Management

Kayne West Rocky Business Investments

Kanye’s ill-advised move into fashion was not his only financial mistake. It wasn’t even his worst one. His worst move was cutting into his core income by going on inexplicable rants during his music concerts. At one time considered a humorous novelty, people soon began to tire of his antics and began to demand tickets back when Kanye started to rant instead of play songs. It’s ironic that we can certainly pick out money cautions from Kayne West lyrics from his popular songs about money.

Mr. West not only had to refund tickets, but he also had trouble with the insurance companies that backed his once huge performances. When they started demanding their investments back and began to refuse to cover Kanye’s future shows, Kanye had to scale back his performances. As a result, his income took a huge hit at the same time that he was making bad investments.

Is Kanye West Really a Billionaire?

He claimed to find his footing when he took on a profitable deal with Adidas to sell his popular Yeezy sneaker line. During a meeting with President Donald Trump, Kanye claimed that the deal had “made him a billionaire”. Although no financial expert was able to find any record of this monetary resurgence. Kayne tweeted that Yeezy would reach $1 billion this year, but for any clothing, accessory or headphone company, it’s hard to do. There’s only one Beats by by Dre that apple is willing to swoop up in a decade.

In a summer showing on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” show, Mrs Kardashian validated the notion that Kanye West is about to join the billionaire club. Again, it’s big yard for anyone to his the milestone and Yeezy is no exception, but anything is possible and the trump affair didn’t make things any easier.

Perhaps Kanye is a billionaire; perhaps he is just performing for the cameras. The bottom line is that no one has to go through the financial ups and downs that Kanye does with the right help. Here’s the bottom line: Don’t bite the hand that feeds you. Don’t take needless financial risks. And don’t put your hands in too many pots at the same time!

A Rocky Fortune

West isn’t the only one among the mega rich that find the road of a rocky fortune. There are other celebrities that go up and down to great extremes. Whether rumor or true you can’t deny the raw amount of a shift. Just look at Johnny Depp’s net worth. Some people have to take out a loan for medical bills, these celebs could have bought an entire hospitals with what they often lose in a week. Such is the life of the uber rich and famous.

Kim Kardashian and Kayne West even had a wedding finance bill of $2.8 million, which didn’t include the travel finance cost for the honeymoon and many other expenses.

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