Bon Jovi’s Net Worth is not “Living on a Prayer.”

John Francis Bongiovi, better known as Bon Jovi, was born in 1962. He is an American singer-songwriter, philanthropist, and actor. He is also the founder of the rock band Bon Jovi that he started in 1983.

Bon Jovi commenced his career as a teenager when he would skip school to spend time at the Power Station – a recording studio belonging to his cousin. At 17 years, he got his first singing gig through his cousin, by singing for a Christmas album called the ‘Star Wars.’ He then went on to record the song ‘Runaway’ which got airtime after he convinced a DJ at a local radio station to give him some air time. The reception to the song was fantastic, and Bon Jovi began to get some recognition for his talent. Mercury records gave him his first recording contract, which allowed him to launch his singing career officially.

What Is Bon Jovi’s Net Worth?

Bon Jovi’s Net Worth of $410 million is attributable to his long stay in the industry. He has found great success and wealth as a recording artist. In 2016 Bon Jovi was number 16 on the Forbes America’s wealthiest celebrity list. The net worth formula Forbes uses to determine wealth is to look at total assets and career earnings.

So How Does He Make His Money

Bon Jovi is, undoubtedly, one of the celebrities with the highest net worth to date. He has, however, had to work hard for his money.

He Is a Successful Recording Artist

Bon Jovi has tasted great success when it comes to his musical career. Worldwide, he has managed to sell more than 120 million albums. Together with his band, he has 13 studio albums. He also has bragging rights to two solo albums. One of the records that he did with his band; ‘Slippery When Wet;’ has an RIAA diamond certification.


Manage and Save Money

All You Need to Know


Musicians make a lot of money when they do their tours. Bon Jovi’s Net Worth may just be due to the series of tours within his career. He is truly a man who has dedicated his life to his career. At some point, his tours were almost every year.

To better understand Bon Jovi’s Net Worth, look at the list of the tours he took from 1983 to 2019.

  • The 1983-84 Runaway Tour

  • 1985 7800 Fahrenheit tour

  • 1988 – 90 New Jersey syndicate tour

  • 1993 Keep The Faith And I Will Sleep When I’m Dead Tour

  • 1994 Crossroad Tour

  • 1995-6 These days tour

  • 2000 Crash Tour

  • 2001 One Wild Night Tour

  • 2002 -03 Bounce tour

  • 2005- 06 Have A Nice Day Tour

  • 2007 – 08 lost Highway tour which grossed over $211 million

  • 2010 The Circle Tour brought in $201 million

  • 2011 Bon Jovi live

  • 2013 Because We Can; The tour took in $260 million

  • 2015 Bon Jovi live

  • 2017 – This House Is Not For Sale Tour

He has spent quite a bit of time on the road, and we can only imagine what he earns per tour. His last tour has already made quite a bit of money. Reports show that as at October 2018 it had already hit the 83 million dollar mark in earnings. Some of the countries that had the opportunity to watch the rock legend in action include South America, Asia, and North America. The other countries on the schedule included Russia, Germany, Switzerland, UK, Austria, and Romania.

He is an Actor

Bon Jovi has tried his hand at acting and has appeared in several films and TV roles. If you want to catch him in action, check out his screen appearances on Valentino, Moonlight, The West Wing and Ally Mc Beal. He has also been in the movies like the Leading Man, Row Your Boat, Crywolf, Pay It Forward, Destination Anywhere, among others.

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He Owns a Football Team

Bon Jovi has a great love for football and has invested some of his cash into the game. He is a founder and majority owner of Philadelphia Soul of the arena football league. More recent reports indicate that he may no longer be a part-owner.

In 2011 he made a bid for the Atlanta Falcons but was not successful. The team eventually went to Terry Pegula, who also owns Buffalo Sabres hockey team.

Bon Jovi’s Net Worth Comes From Being an Entrepreneur

A biography on Bon Jovi, written by Brian Reesman, describes him as a shrewd businessman. In an interview with CNBC Make It, Bon Jovi said the best way to succeed in business, is not to chase fashions or fads. “You have to have faith in what you are doing. If you believe in it, then you will find success eventually.”

Together with his son Jesse Bongiovi, and French winemaker Gérard Bertrand, Bon Jovi made a foray into the wine business. The Diving into Hamptons rosé hit the stores last year, and it seems to be doing very well. According to Jesse, he had the opportunity to learn a lot when working with his father. The best advice he ever got was his father telling him to “slow down, and take sufficient time to produce the highest quality product. If you decide to do something, then do it to the best of your ability, so that you deliver the best. If you put out a bad product, you can never take it back.”

Despite his wealth, Bon Jovi knows how to keep expenses within a limit. He does not, for example, believe in spending a lot of money on the stage set up. Bon Jovi only travels with six people and a dozen trucks to carry his equipment. He brings his screen, a stage, and a motion control system. Talk about money management skills from one of the best. To further cut down on costs, Bon Jovi prefers to perform on consecutive days.

A good example is when he played in London for 19 days, resulting in $300000 savings for the band. He will not even hire a security team, or people to carry his bags. Everyone in his group understands that they have to take care of their luggage.

He Is An Investor

In 2015 Bon Jovi entered into a partnership with RedBird Capital Partners, the National Football League, and Bruin Sports Capital under the On location Experiences previously NFL on location. On location acquired runway tours, a VIP hospitality business. The VIP business was set up for the premium music arts belonging to Bon Jovi. The move was to help him expand his entertainment and music industry. The partners spoke in glowing terms about John’s ability to create and deliver amazing experiences for fans. They also talked about his, talent, innovative mind, and iconic brand as some of the reasons why they decided to work with him. It is no wonder Bon Jovi’s Net Worth is that high.


Bon Jovi has landed endorsement deals with brands such as Advil and Duracell. His support of Advil came in the form of a TV ad; his first verbal endorsement of a product in his more than 30-year career.

Interesting Facts about Bon Jovi

Here are just some of the things that will amaze you about Bon Jovi:-

  • His induction into the Songwriter’s Hall of Fame in 2009, and the rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2018

  • In 2012 he was number 50 on the Billboard Magazine’s Power 100

  • He has been named as one of the most beautiful people in the world by the People magazine in 1996

  • Also, he played Ally McBeal love interest in the successful TV series Ally McBeal

  • He runs the Jon Bon Jovi Foundation, which he set up in the Year 2006. The foundation seeks to help individuals and families who are in economic despair by combating the underlying issues.

  • Under the foundation, there is a JBJ soul kitchen, where people only pay what they can afford for the meals. If you volunteer to work, then you get a free meal.

  • He also took part in Simon Cowell’s ‘Everybody Hurts’ song, who’s main aim was to raise funds after the 2010 Haiti earthquake

  • Bon Jovi married Dorothea Hurley, his high school sweetheart, during the Syndicate tour in 1989. They have four children together.

  • He was granted an honorary doctorate from Monmouth University in Humanities.

  • Bon Jovi has donated $1 million to Oprah Winfrey’s angel network.

Final Thoughts

Discussion around Bon Jovi’s net worth reveals so much more than a rock singer. He is truly a musical icon who has managed to stay relevant despite being in the field for over 30 years. He continues to draw in the crowds and has managed to increase his average net worth by solidifying his position as one of the most successful musicians to date.

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