Suze Orman’s Net Worth Makes Good Financial Cents

Suze Orman has taken the Power of Positive Thinking to its highest level in marketing herself and her financial advice in the public arena. She has fed people who are hungry for knowledge of financial strategies and provides financial advice to those who desire to achieve their highest net worth. We’ll look at Suze Orman’s net worth and how she got where she is today.

From Rags To Riches

Her parents were of modest means with her mother working as a secretary and a father who worked in a chicken company. Orman’s career as a Financial Advisor is mostly self-educated while she received a degree in Social Work.  She was able to invest fifty thousand dollars, which was borrowed to open up her restaurant. Orman worked with Merrill Lynch but lost her investments as a broker.  This first step into financial services opened up her eyes to a new career in financial services.  She left Merrill to become a vice president of investment with Prudential Bache Securities and then went out on her own by starting the Suze Orman Financial Group.

What’s Suze Orman’s Net Worth?

She has gone from a career as a waitress struggling to achieve an average net worth and with a successful net worth formula Suze Orman’s net worth in 2019 is 50 million dollars.

How Did She Earn Her Money?

Every person with a high net worth has a story. This story is often worth looking into since it can be educational and informative. Orman’s path to success and wealth was not easy, so let’s look at how she’s done it.

Women And Money

Suze Orman’s claim to fame was her emphasis on educating women on how to manage their finances because this area of knowledge has traditionally been a male domain. Orman’s goal was to break the financial glass ceiling to convince women that they can control and understand economic issues and practices.

In her writings, TV appearances and Podcasts, she has unlocked the mystery of financial management. Her primary goal is to describe and educate women how to move from average net worth to the highest net worth as she had accomplished, as can be seen by Suzy Orman’s net worth.

Orman is as much of a proponent to save money as she is to invest money wisely. For instance, one of Orman’s goal for women to invest their savings such as in a Roth I.R.A. Because you can enjoy a tax-free benefit on withdrawal for retirement purposes as the money invested grows over time. Further, the IRS cannot tax all the growth of your money over time. She warns that women have a priority to spend their money to cover the needs of their friends and family, which limits their ability to become financially independent.

The Oprah Connection

Suze Orman became known to Oprah Winfrey, as a personal finance expert, which resulted in a dramatic boost to Orman’s career, and she became Winfrey’s expert on giving women financial advice. Winfrey had the highest-rated daytime talk show. Much of Orman’s appeal to the public was to be an advocate for women to take control of their economic lives. The association with Winfrey propelled Orman to national fame. As a result, the media has popularized Suze Orman’s net worth by referring to her as a guru in the area of financial advice, particularly to women.

Suze Orman’s List Of Accomplishments

An indelible mark of Orman’s success is her accomplishments, Suze Orman’s net worth has crashed through the financial glass ceiling. Her accomplishments include:

1.   Nine New York Times bestsellers about “personal finance.”
2.  Twice listed on the Time Magazine’s list of 100
Influential people
3.  Two Emmy Awards
4.  Eight Gracie Awards
5.  Co-produced, hosted and written 8 PBS specials
6.  Oprah Winfrey show at least 29 times and Larry King at least 30 times
7.  Host Podcasts titled “Suze Orman Women & Money.”
8.  She hosted the title The Suze Orman Show.
9.  On  Forbes’ 2010 list of the most powerful women in the world

Orman’s opinion is to keep investment money and savings separately, which has made it possible for Suze Orman’s net worth to rise.  She advises that you should take control over your resources which should are protected by your savings. The general source of savings is:

1.   The money you need to spend belongs to savings.
2.  Emergency money belongs to savings.
3.  Down payment money should come out of your savings.


More Things Money Can Do

A Store to Build Wealth

Suze Orman’s Financial Tips

Suze Orman identified particular financial tips whose purpose is to encourage savings, and these tips have been instrumental in increasing Suze Orman’s net worth, as follows:

1. Don’t buy a home unless financially ready.
2. Don’t lease a car.
3. Don’t co-sign a loan.
4. Don’t take Social Security too soon.
5. Don’t sell stocks when markets are bad.
6. Don’t put all your eggs in the same financial adviser’s basket.
7. Don’t borrow from your 401(k).
8. Don’t let debt linger.
9. Don’t spend to impress others.
10. Don’t say it’s impossible to save.
11. Don’t spend before you determine your priorities.
12. Don’t retire too early.

13. Don’t go without a will, or the government will decide who deserves your money from your estate.
14. Don’t take out a reverse mortgage if in your 60’s.
15. Don’t miss out on matching money such if your employer offers a 401(k) match.
16. Don’t stay at a job you hate.
17. Don’t buy a new car.
18. Don’t go without insurances, such as life, home, and even disability insurance.
19. Don’t ever miss a student loan payment.
20. Don’t invest for the wrong reasons the crowd.
21. Don’t take a tax refund.
22. Don’t waste money on coffee.
23.  Don’t have all your assets in the same areas.  You should diversify your assets.
24. Don’t forget to save for your tax payments if self-employed.

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Money Management

Suze Orman provides advice concerning money management. Money management is what financial advisors do. The goal of money management is that the money you invest should have the highest return or interest-output value. Further, be careful of making investments or the amount of money you spend that does not create a higher living standard and increase the value of your assets.

A  Financial Advisor Needs Information To Create A Budget

When you meet your financial advisor, there is a lot to talk about before financial decisions are made, such as:

  • Which financial products should work for you?

  • Do you want to both increase your savings and make strategic investments?

  • Do you have enough money to manage based upon your employment, savings accounts, stocks, bonds and any other type of investment?

  • What are your present investments, present expenses, and Tax burden?

  • Do you spend money to satisfy an impulse?

  • Does your debt work for you by managing your debt?

  • Do you keep track of your credit score?

  • Do you pay towards your debt every month when due?

Your financial advisor must have expertise in the field of finance, no record of misconduct, must be an honest fiduciary,  and no conflicts of interest.

You Create A Budget Based On Orman’s Financial Tips

Your budget is your life’s financial plan, but it does not need to be rigid but realistic because, at particular times in your life, your financial needs will change. Suze Orman’s net worth derives from her budget. According to Orman, when you create a budget, you must put in the past any mistakes you have made with spending and saving and be very realistic.

Some of her budgetary tips include closing your checking account after clearing all your past checks, opening a new checking account and pay your bills automatically with online banking, which helps you to track your payments.  Further, you should control your credit card debt by:

  • paying off your credit cards that have a high-interest rate

  • consolidate your credit card debt to a credit card that has a balance transfer with a low introductory rate,

  • pay at least a monthly minimum on your credit cards

  • pay a higher amount each month to cards that have a higher interest rate and

  • it is not wise to cancel your paid-off credit cards because this will hurt your credit score. Your credit score is made up of more than one factor, which includes the number of credit accounts that you have open and have successfully managed.

How Can You Calculate Your Net Worth

Knowing your net worth helps keep you on track and eliminates decisions that work against your financial interests. If you want to have financial control, the debt-to-income ratio determines your financial leverage.  Your debt is all the money you owe to your creditors from rent or mortgage payments to a car loan. A favorable debt-to-income ratio and your net worth are to reduce your debt and increase your income.

Debt provides you with a credit history and makes up your credit score.  If you are too frugal, you are not an attractive person to do business within the market place, and you are mostly a financially unknown person.  If you make wise spending decisions, debt is not only necessary but is welcomed.  Your financial life must be tested in the marketplace.  In other words, each one of us has a monetary value.


Suze Orman’s net worth makes good financial cents.  She has the means and power to add to the national and state commerce, which supports the economy and may lead to you having an excellent job to support yourself and your family.  A review of her accomplishments is exciting in the sense that you can take control over your financial life by applying sensible financial rules and good use of your time.

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